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Can the IRS Force Me to Sell My RV?

Basically, if you are a non-payer with an IRS lien on your RV, you may be wondering if the IRS will force you to sell your RV. This article will cover some of the ways you can avoid being forced to sell your RV, if at all possible.
Selling a drivable type of RV

Whether you are planning to sell a drivable type of RV or have one lying around, you might want to know which of these tidbits will give you the best ROI. Generally speaking, the best route to follow is to sell your RV in a dealer lot. However, if your RV is in desperate need of a rebuild, you can also opt to sell it at a local scrapyard or metal recycling facility. These facilities will also offer you the chance to sell any metal parts that you can’t use in your RV.

There are plenty of other tidbits to keep in mind, too, including the best way to find the right buyer for your RV. For example, you might want to consider advertising your RV on the Internet, where you can find a wider audience of buyers. But, be sure to be clear in your advertising, and make sure that you aren’t tempted to mislead potential buyers by mentioning the wrong details.
Keeping a log of all of the miles you drive in the RV

Keeping a log of all the miles you drive in your RV is a good way to make sure you stay in compliance with the IRS rules. However, there are certain things you need to keep in mind before you start keeping a log. There are some apps you can use to keep track of your mileage, and there are also spreadsheets you can use. However, you should be sure to keep your mileage log up to date, and you should verify your mileage each time you make a trip.

If you are unsure of how to keep a log of your mileage, you can use a free mileage log template. This can be downloaded from the Internet, and you can use it to record your mileage each time you drive in your RV.
Getting a lien discharge on an upside down home

Getting a lien discharge on an upside down home is possible under certain circumstances. However, there are a few things you need to know. The first is that a lien is a legal claim against your property that must be paid off within a certain amount of time.

Once you have made the necessary payments, you can then request a lien release. according to this RV Buyers must be filed with your local county recorder. If you do not get a lien release, the lien will remain on your property. The title to your home may also be impacted.

If you are still unable to obtain a lien release, you may be able to file a lien contest. This will force the lien holder to prove the lien. Once you win the lien contest, you will have the right to discharge the lien.

Liens can be placed on homes by creditors, government agencies, contractors, and even ex-spouses. When a property is sold, the sale proceeds will be used to pay off the lien.

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